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Richard Nailder And Nomad Fuck The Neighbor Babes

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Nomad was hanging out at Richard Nailder’s place with Diva Duz and Tasha Burke and decided to see if he had enough game to get the teens in the attractive tub for a little fun – but the orgy was just starting when Richard came pad and caught the kids playing and true to Richard’s style, he joined in on the fun. After all, it was his pad and the teens were Real Colorado Girls so why should the visiting Nomad get all the pleasure of fucking the two hotties next door? Nomad is more used to having the teens tie him up and torture his ass so it was a pleasant change to be fucking the teens without something tired to his balls and the old man Richard wasn’t going to let either one of these gorgeous neighbor teens tie him to anything. He would, however, felatio up the “train” that is the beginning of any good orgy.

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Tasha Burks Gives Richard Nailder A Wet Blowjob

Nomad was the first one to split Tasha’s shaved little cunt with his whopping pecker and from the looks of her face in this next picture, I’d say he was filling the attractive young mom’s cunt to the brim. In fact, it looks like there is plenty of fat pecker to keep both teens happy as Richard and Nomad fuck them brutally in the attractive tub. The tattooed black beauty Diva Duz loved the way the fat pecker of Richard Nailder filled her up – even if it hurt just a bit.

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Interracial Orgy At Richard’s House

This was the first time Nomad had ever fucked a black woman and he was a just a bit curious how it would feel to thrust his whopping pecker in her little black pussy. Of course, Richard had fucked both of the neighborhood teens before so he was more than willing to share the teenager-next-door cunt with Nomad.Nomad had a awesome time fucking Diva but the petite black teenager had a little trouble fitting his thick white pecker in her tight black cunt.

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Tasha Burke And Diva Duz Fuck Outdoors

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